1 to 1 Courses and Workshops

121 Coaching is a highly effective tool for giving specific support providing an opportunity for professional development as well as personal growth.

How you use coaching is largely derived from a pre coaching assessment. This will set the context for any future sessions you may have. Coaching can be delivered in  a number of ways and over varying lengths of time.

You may for example start on one issue that then leads onto other possibilities as the sessions move on. Many people come to me for “quick fixes”, a way of becoming unstuck from a situation, others stay longer when a more considered “programme” may yield a better and more sustainable results

Current courses:

+How to handle difficult situations and conversations

Course Outline:

We meet and talk to people all the time whether for work or otherwise.  We have different communications styles and this sometimes leads to misunderstanding, confusion and even occasional conflict.  Understanding intentions and styles of communication can help to reduce and avoid these difficult conversations.

This course examines our communication styles and reprograms it to enable better outcomes for you and the people around you.

You will learn:

  • How to deliver bad news well
  • How to create trust, credibility and authority through the words you use
  • How to positively influence a situation
  • How to stay calm
  • How to get more from your team

Who should attend:

This course is suited to anyone who has to deal with delivering difficult, contentious or “bad news” information in addition to those who want to have a more positive communication style.

  • Team members
  • Team leaders
  • Senior managers
  • Business owners

Available as:

  • 121 session – 1/2 day
  • Group Session – 1 day