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Develop Your Emotional Intelligence to improve relationships and increase well-being.

This programme has been designed to maximise your personal effectiveness and improve communication with others through increased self-awareness.

You will learn to develop consistency in dealing with people issues in positive ways and enjoy a voyage of discovery that leads to an individually tailored plan for your personal development alongside strategies to further improve your emotional intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence: a set of emotional and social skills that influences how we:

  • Perceive and express ourselves
  • Develop and maintain work and social relationships
  • Cope with challenges effectively
  • Use emotional information in a meaningful way

Through the development of your emotional intelligence, emotional and social functioning is improved leading to improved well-being.

You will be directed to complete the EQ-i2.0 assessment online.  I will use this model to evaluate and develop an understanding of your self-perception and emotional intelligence.  Finally we will have a meeting to discuss your results and to review your personal report.  You will be presented with an individually tailored written plan detailing strategies for you to further develop your emotional intelligence.

In organisations EQi can be used in recruitment/selection, succession planning, leadership/management development and executive coaching.

EQ360 is also available. This  option is for those who are looking for career development and require feedback from a range of peers, colleagues, clients etc.  Costs on request.

Emotional Intelligence Options:

1 – EQi Assessment (completed on-line and analysed) followed by 2 hours one to one debrief and interpretation.

2 – If you choose to do the above plus additional follow up to deepen  and reinforce understanding and practical steps for development, I offer  four coaching sessions (one hour each).

3 – The Coaching package can be extended according to requirements.
Phone or email to book your assessment and begin a transformative process that will improve many aspects of your life.

Contact Emilie Myers for further details: 01983 645099 / 07771 821 741  mail@emiliemyers.com

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“I have known Emilie for a number of years as a business coach who has specialised in helping finance professionals (especially actuaries of which I am one) with communication skills and management skills. Emilie mentioned that she was giving EI assessments and so I was keen to get her assessment of my EI skills on a private basis as I was keen to apply EI skills in work and at home.
The questionnaire was straightforward, taking around 30 minutes or so. After the test I met Emilie to assess the results. The assessment was very comprehensive and involved a lot of deep discussion about my responses and what they meant. Emilie checked that the results from the assessment were appropriate to me and helped in identifying common themes running through the various sections of the assessment. This helped identify elements of the assessment that were coming through most strongly.
From this assessment we built up a short inventory of EI issues to work on and Emilie discussed how strategies that could help so I could build up a matching inventory of strategies that could help me.
Emilie shows great attention to details and her friendly relaxed style makes it very easy to explore character traits that are often hard to discuss. She takes care to ensure the surrounding are conducive to having an open discussion and working through the assessment together.
I would strongly recommend Emilie to friends and colleagues looking for an EI assessment.”

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