Feel Good Factor

How to boost the feel good factor in your business – managing to have fun

‘Many a greater idea has borne of a laugh than a tear – invest in making people happy’.

There are several books and papers out there with the title ‘Managing to Have Fun’ or something similar.  They describe the benefits of lightening up and having more fun at work.  Research shows the huge positive impact this can have on workplace morale.  This in turn sparks creativity, strengthens teamwork and team spirit, enables open communication, reduces stress levels, reduces employee turnover and absenteeism, improves trust at all levels, customer service improves and so does productivity.

Using your sense of humour at work doesn’t mean telling jokes at the drinks machine or walking around with a permanent grin on your face.  ‘Having a sense of humour is about having a sense of perspective and using the ability to find in situations to manage stress and creatively problem-solve.’  This is a quotation by Michael Kerr, a speaker and trainer who specialises in humour in the workplace and business creativity.

The health benefits of laughter are equally amazing.  The research is out there.

To help you inject more fun at work I offer the following:

I can provide a talk, workshop, or contribute to a team day.

The talks are about the Benefits of Laughter, including a practical element to demonstrate how easy it is to laugh for no reason and how a hearty laugh can shift your mood and how you see things.  Talks can be 45mins to one hour or so.

Workshops are based on the talks and take the practical element further, these are suitable for larger groups.  I have run laughter workshops for up to 50 people.

Laughter activities on team days help to break the ice, or they can serve to end the day on a positive note.  I have delivered this for businesses, charities and to those who are curious and want to have more fun.

Laughter has been shown to have therapeutic effects  for groups such as The Stroke Association, Parkinson’s Society and Fibromyalgia support groups.  I have worked with these groups for several years.

+How to make the workplace fun

  • Be approachable and have approachable leaders
  • Let people have flexi-time
  • Communicate well at all levels
  • Get rid of status symbols
  • Reward and recognise efforts,
  • Don’t over organise ‘fun’ but remember to laugh everyday
  • Help others to succeed -and share success
  • Share the fruits with all who grew it
  • Celebrate success – with a T-shirt, mug, chocolates or Cash is always welcome!


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