How to achieve success at work one conversation at a time!

According to Susan Scott ‘A relationship develops one conversation at a time’.  The art of meaningful conversation is subtle yet can be learned, one conversation at a time.  How to have a conversation is a dying art, with help from text, e-mail, and instant messaging etc.  We can be taught how to talk to each other!

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  • Listen before you think before you speak
  • Consistency is the clearest message
  • If it really matters do it face to face
  • Involvement is the best persuader
  • Headlines first then the whole story
  • Little and often is better than long and loud
  • Communication works when something changes
  • Encourage feedback and act on it
  • If you really believe it show it


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Hello, I’m Emilie Myers and I’m a People Development Specialist helping managers and teams work better together. I do this through 121 coaching, group sessions and the delivery of leadership and management programmes where in partnership with your organisation I identify the key people challenges and deliver transformational workshops to move your business forward.

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