Personal Development Coach

Personal development coaching can help you improve your experience of life and work, so that you can enjoy being and working with the people around you more.

People need relationship building skills more than ever

Relationships that go wrong cost time, money and stress. Personal development coaching helps to create the conditions for you to improve the skills needed to achieve greater success.

The benefits of investing in personal development are long term

  • Develop heightened self-awareness through feedback
  • Gain greater presence, self-confidence, and impact
  • Develop greater flexibility and resilience
  • Increase your ability to deal with difficult situations and conflict
  • Develop a personal understanding of what you need to do to make your relationships more effective
  • Improve decision-making and problem-solving skills

Develop a better sense of purpose and improve work-life balance

Sometimes it’s our relationships that seem complicated and we find ourselves in conflict or in tense situations too often. We notice negative ‘patterns’ when we repeat the same mistakes or stressful scenarios and feel unable to move on. We don’t spend enough time doing what’s really important to us.

Sometimes we wish we could be more self-confident

We hope our ability to communicate becomes easier. Working on self-esteem issues through personal development coaching can help interpersonal skills and allow us to learn how to relate with greater clarity even in ‘difficult’ situations or conversations.

Working on relationships and communicating has many benefits

You will become more assertive, calmer and use time more effectively rather than worrying about how to handle day to day situations or spending energy trying to avoid them.

My approach

I work mainly on a one to one basis. This can take a couple of sessions, a series of sessions or as and when you feel the need.

There is also the option to run sessions for a group of people such a team or group of supervisors.

I provide a free session to go through your issues and how I will work with you.

Please contact me on:

T 01983 645099

M 07771 821 741