How to get improved results from effective communications with individuals and teams

As managers, supervisors or leaders we want to encourage collaboration with all employees; building team spirit for more productive and creative outcomes or results.  Having team conversations is important, however, not losing sight of individuals and their uniqueness is crucial. Recognising individual contributions as well as overall team success shows that, you as leader still value each person.

Keeping well informed and being transparent in your actions shows that you really believe in them.


  • Managing people is about how you communicate with them.
  • Know what you need to achieve yourself
  • Establish mutual expectations from the start
  • Don’t take people for granted – thank them now
  • Manage in context – understand all sides
  • Discover the facts through active listening
  • Acknowledge peoples’ feelings – they affect work
  • Ask for solutions from those with problems
  • Stay calm and keep a sense of humour – it’s only work


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