Why bother with coaching?

Anne Scoular, an expert in the field of business coaching states the following: ‘Most people in business have an enormous amount on their minds.  On good days it’s fun and exhilarating, but it doesn’t take much to push over into stress.

Coaching works because for an hour or two hours, or even just a minute waiting at the lift, it presses the pause button.’

In summary the benefits include:

Time to clear your head, time for venting, time to think, having a neutral sounding board, problem-solving and so on.

Examples of coaching in action:

1. A high achiever, finding himself in a pattern where conflict seemed to arise with colleagues one after the other.  It took several sessions for their self-awareness to develop and identify where this was coming from.  In time the warning signs could be spotted and repetition of this unhelpful pattern gradually reduced significantly.  Working relationships improved, work became more rewarding and the business flourished.  This was a two-year executive coaching relationship.

2. An intelligent working person with self confidence issues.  This is a quiet person who felt they did not fit in at work and it impacted their job performance.  It took six meetings to overcome these feelings and become more positive about their own strengths.  Recognising the value of the calm assertive energy in an office environment where extroverts seem to dominate.  The personal growth and confidence gained will stay with this person wherever they go.


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Hello, I’m Emilie Myers and I’m a People Development Specialist helping managers and teams work better together. I do this through 121 coaching, group sessions and the delivery of leadership and management programmes where in partnership with your organisation I identify the key people challenges and deliver transformational workshops to move your business forward.

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